Friday, August 22, 2014

I don't know where to begin.  We left California together in the alpha female's car.  The car is something so remarkable, I'm not sure she appreciates what it means to me to have access to this thing that can speed across land.  The smells alone, whooshing in through the window...

We left the place we lived for 35 dog years and headed south.  Yes, I know directions.  Probably better than you and by their smell.  We stopped somewhere that was very hot.  I got out of the delightfully cool air in the car, and got right back in.  I know uninhabitable when I feel it.

The next stop was better.  We got out of the car and quickly into a cool room with a carpet that smelled like many of my people.  I sniffed every inch of it.  We ate.  And then we slept.  The next morning it was the car again.

This pattern continued for many days, until I thought this was our new life, but then, a new den.  Familiar things were brought in: the rug which carried more of my scent then her weak nose realized; the sofa she didn't know I slept on; and her bed.  (Mine traveled with us.) By all of this, I deduced (yes, we deduce.  Please.) we were home.

We have been together for 70 years now, more or less, and despite long trips across unimaginable miles of territory, she always manages to find a pleasant place for my bed, my water bowl, my food bowl, and my toys.  Life is good.
I've been hoping for a job offering modeling for pet food ads, or magazine articles, but so far I haven't been contacted. (Big doggie sigh...) I posted my photograph on Flickr, hoping to get wider coverage, and maybe a nibble from an agent. Wish me luck! (And call me.)


I know it's been forever since I've posted, but it's not my fault. The alpha female has a new computer desk with a sliding keyboard tray and when she's not using it, which isn't often to begin with, she slides the tray in and pushes in her chair. I don't think she means to deny me access to the Internet, she's just believes in keeping the den tidy.

Finally, today, she was in a hurry and left her keyboard where I can reach it. What can I say after 21 years away from blogging? So much has happened. The only male in the pack came by last spring with two females! One was his kind and the other was mine and it was great. At last, a decent sized pack! But, they didn't stay long, and we're back down to just the two of us.

I've gotten really good at removing the squeakers from my toys, and spreading the fluff around.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Boxer Technology

The alpha female told me if I post her Learning 2.0 lessons here, we might win a flash drive! I've been wanting on of those, so I can hook it to my collar. I'd also like one of these gps dog trackers so she can find me if I get lost. (Her nose isn't that great, but don't tell her I said so.)


New Digs!

I'm in a small pack of three, and a few moons ago the alpha female decided to leave our territory. We traveled toward the setting sun for two days in her motorized pack carrier.
It was tough to adjust to the change, so I just ate and slept for a while. I'm okay, now. At least there seems to be plenty of food. The third member of the pack and the only male finally caught up with us, right around the time of the indoor tree with points of fire. I think he caught a turkey on the way and we feasted on it for days.
Okay, now I'm hungry.


Monday, September 11, 2006

Who Says a Dog Can't Blog?
I know you think the keys are hard to use for someone with paws, but I'm getting the hang of it.

I've learned not to grab the mouse by the wire and shake it - it's fun, but it doesn't work after that.

I hope there are other dogs out there who will read this and respond. Gotta go for now, my neighbors are barking.